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Privacy Policy


1. Copyrights, reference to InnoShop

All of datas, records, descriptions, pictures, as well as the graphical and technical structure of this site, realization the of the functions,  appear in this form on InnoShop ( website are the exclusive property of InnoShop (Anda Budapest Kft). To use these things without the permission of the owner means violation against to the copyrights and cause legal consequences behind.

To link the homepage of InnoShop ( could be possible without our permission for anybody. To link any internal page could be possible only that case, if this link contain the hole page and not only a part (i.e. picture) of it, respectively do not effect the content of it. Prohibited to link in a way, that appears as a part of any other website.


2. Terms of shopping

To buy something on the site of do not means any formal contract between the visitor and Anda Budapest Ltd. Registrated clients can purchase goods with the same identifier that they have at the registration. Anda Budapest Kft. do not take any responsibility for defaults caused by wrong records. Registrated records can be change by phone or e-mail.

During the shopping the client sign up contract with Anda Budapest Ltd, the operator of az 


3. Restriction of responsibility

The details of a product can be reached on the product-page of the current item. We could not take responsibility for haphazard imprecisions in the item's description - we try to do our best for the correct datas of course. 

Shopping at the InnoShop assume customer's knowledge and approval for the possibilities and limits of Internet, specially for the technical accomplishment and problems.

Anda Budapest Ltd. could not responsible for any loss caused by an Internet connection to, furthermore in the following cases:

  • Any kind of technical problem in the Internet network, which obstruct the proper functions of InnoShop.
  • Any kind of problem in the hardwares and the communication lines.
  • Loss of any letter - arrived on paper or electronic way either
  • For inconvenient function of any kind of software

The protection of them own hardwares and records are the task of the visitor.   the A látogató felelőssége felmérni, hogy hogyan védheti meg a számítógépén tárolt adatait a behatolóktól. Egyedül a vásárló felelős az InnoShophoz való kapcsolódásáért és az InnoShopban való vásárlásért. Az Anda Budapest Kft. nem vonható felelősségre semmilyen esetben vis maior esetén vagy bármilyen eseménnyel kapcsolatosan, ami nem az irányítása alatt áll.