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The Innoshop store opened its doors in 2003 in Ráday Street in Budapest. In the beginning, we only distributed the Danish INNOVATION sofa beds, but our range was soon widened with accessories that fit into our ideas about interior design: our portfolio consists of modern, stylish, youthful pieces that offer an affordable alternative to mass products. Fortunately, our ideas were in line with the needs of the market, so our business quickly became popular. Our turnover grew year by year, more and more apartments, hotels or restaurants were furnished with Innoshop products.

In the summer of 2008, we moved to Kecskeméti Street, where we expanded our product range. We started the distribution of the German HÜLSTA furniture. We tried to comply with our previously laid down principles: we do not sell products or goods but offer our customers pieces of a lifestyle. Since then, we have been continuously developing our range. In 2010, the Innoshop webshop was also completed: the products presented here are the results of a careful selection and are considered a catalog of our entire range.

At the beginning of 2014, we moved to Bálna, Budapest's new jewel box, where - radically expanding our portfolio - we started distributing seating furniture by Danish FLEXLUX and Swedish FURNINOVA, as well as small furniture by Swedish TENZO, which products have the best price-value ratio in their category. They were followed by the Dutch ZUIVER, which is a very dynamically developing company producing furniture and home furnishing accessories. In addition to them, we have expanded our range with carpets from the Danish LINIE DESIGN, lamps from FRANDSEN, accessories from NORMANN COPENHAGEN, and products from the Spanish LA FORMA.

From the spring of 2019, we set up our showroom in a new location: in the Duna House on Boráros Square, where we welcomed those interested with a beautiful Danube panorama and a constantly expanding range. From September 2022, we move to Óbuda, next door to our business partner, InnoConcept Store, so that we can continue the distribution of furniture and accessories in close cooperation and at an even higher level. We look forward to welcoming you all to our brand-new showroom!