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Ars Poetica


InnoShop opened as a furniture shop at 2003 in Budapest, Raday street. At the beginning we sold sofas, futon beds and beanbags of the danish INNOVATION, but at the same time we tried to find home accessories, which were fit to our design concept: combining the modern, stylish and youthful pieces creating an individual supply, which offers affordable alternative against the mass products for everyone. Fortunately our idea met with the demand of a narrow social stratification, our shop became famed in certain cultural community. Our turnover extended year by year, more and more homes took pride in a new piece of InnoShop product. Meanwhile with the help of our homepage we tried to effect the market not only as a furniture shop, but a trend-shaping medium as well: transmit our messages with articles, exhibitions, reference photos.

In 2008 we moved to the downtown Kecskemeti street, where we started new life with extended supply: with the german ARTE-M and its mother company, HÜLSTA took place in our showroom. We try to suited our previous principles: we are not selling simple furniture, but we offer different pieces of a lifestyle. We are permanently developing our supply, together with the type furniture we have individual products of domestic designers as well. We were created the webshop, because we have more "space" here that in the store, and you can reach us much easier wherever you live in Hungary or abroad...


From 2014 we are at the new flagship building of Budapest, BALNA (the Whale), where we exhibit in more than 300 m2 space. We started to deal with the danish SCANOVA and th swedish FURNINOVA seating furniture, the products of swedish TENZO and portugal TEMAHOME, which all of them are bests in price/value category with premium quality. Our newest line is an expanding Dutch company, the ZUIVER, producing furniture and home accessories. The danish FRANDSEN and LINIE DESIGN extending our accessories supply. Take a look, we are waiting for you in 2017 as well!