Delta- Its surprising diagonal lines still offer plenty of storage space. The Delta shelves break out of the traditional into something much more exciting. The unit without backs is suggested for only decorative objects.


Oslo- Its slim and slender silhouette can adapt to an array of environments from a teenager’s room to an office space.  


Magnolia- It feels like it’s floating thanks to the discrete design of its legs. This coffee table  is available with two options in size and colour. 


Panorama- Panorama creates a one of a kind visual effect. Eye-catching elements incorporate some groove into living, sleeping or working areas. 


Nilo- Its sliding doors allow the user to choose which part of Nilo is viewable. The contrasting finishes are suitable for a sophisticated interior


Leaf- The minimal lamp comes in the amazing white shade and is a great complement for either a private or public environment.


Tokyo- Tokyo is a family of coffee tables inspired by the simple lines of early Asian design. Tokyo’s geometric shapes will set the mood higher in a refined interior.