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Set of sofas



Do you like when your living room complete with a nice seating object? Are you looking for a set of sofa? Furninova and Scanova has wilde range of collections for the best price of value in them category. Corner combinations, classical one-, two-, or three seater sofas, loungers are also part of our solutions. Plenty of different colours, materials for competitive price, minimalist or a little bit more classical forms. Take a look personally in our showroom or order it online! The webshop doesn't contain our hole supply. For more options you can download the item lists, for mock up furniture and material samples please visit our store.


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568.600 Ft 511.800 Ft
342.300 Ft
663.000 Ft
424.200 Ft
540.200 Ft
748.800 Ft
373.500 Ft
363.700 Ft
324.700 Ft
703.800 Ft 598.300 Ft
557.700 Ft

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