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"Ever since we began manufacturing upholstered furniture, our ambition has been to offer modern personalized furniture at an affordable price. We realized that our goals required a flexible production with an efficient organization. Today it’s fun to be able to say we have succeeded. The Nordic region is our domestic market and we have sales offices around the world. Each year, approximately 250,000 customer unique sofas and armchairs leaves our factory in Poland. The range accommodates a large variety of fabrics and leathers of high quality. We can also respond to requests for individual comfort levels on the seat and back cushions. Furninova is a company in constant development. Our goal is to always provide our resellers and end-users that little extra and unexpected that makes our upholstered furniture the best place in the home." 

Benny Nilsson

CEO Furninova Group


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We are welcome a new upholstery furniture collection at our supply with THECA furniture range. Both the design and sales office of the brand are in Denmark. In the modern factory of 25.000 m2 in size with more than 800 employees handles up to 3000 individual customer orders per week in Europe, Japan and other overseas contries. These high-quality set of sofas, sofas and chairs are excellent value for money, while representing a premium quality and an affordable alternative against the high-end brands.


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Hülsta – the brand and a lot more

Now! by Hülsta was launched in 1994 and is the youngest member of the hülsta family. These youg units also possess the characteristics of  their parents in strict allegiance with the philosophy of the founders Alois Hüls and his son Karl Hüls: high quality, very practicality in use and top  design. In 1940 Alois Hüls laid the foundations for the hülsta company with his furniture carpentry business in Stadtlohn in Münsterland. In 1968  the manufacturer launched the first system-based living room furniture range in the world. The very same year hülsta invented the assembly unit  principle, where all the units consisted of separate modules. They could be stacked or placed alongside one another so they were the first units  that gave owners the chance to create their own suites.

Hülsta NOW furniture ranges


Hülsta NOW! easy: modular and creative

Twelve different units. All of them good-looking, spacious and practical. Simple yet smart, they are ready for everything: designing, arranging, storing, changing things around. Modular living with Now! Easy is exceptionally versatile, as this pretty range allows you to wall-mount, stack and combine different units. The pure white now! easy units featuring light grey frames and subtle accents in natural oak or light grey lacquer do not just complement each other, they also look fabulous in a creative mix of styles. + MORE

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Hülsta NOW! no.14: The stylish

Plain, yet impressive: if you want something out of the ordinary without compromising on a clean, timeless design, then Now! No.14 will be the perfect choice. High-gloss with light brown ash and core walnut accents – plus sophisticated glass units: innovative cubes turn sideboards into extravagant glass cabinets and wall-mounted shelves into display areas. + MORE

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Hülsta NOW! Vision: What makes you happy

Now! vision makes you happy. It features an impressive yet unpretentious look, simple yet playful architecture and numerous versions. In the very best quality – freestanding, suspended, next to one another, open or glazed, in plain or accent colours, in lacquer, highgloss or wood. Now! Vision offers endless possibilities. Upon request, it even offers its very own sound system. + MORE

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Hülsta NOW! Time: The reliable now

A bed that appears to be floating in your room. A dining table that can be easily extended. A cupboard that in reality is half glass cabinet/half highboard. If you want furniture that fits in with your slightly different ideas and if you love a light-hearted design, then Now! Time will be the perfect choice. Six different high-gloss, lacquer and wood finishes allow you to design exciting and stunning combinations. + MORE

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Hülsta NOW! Wardrobe: Endless possibilities

NOW! Wardrobe is different. Versatility – inside and out – is part of its genetic code. Two widths, two heights corner solutions and a choice of sliding and hinged doors offer incredible flexibility. Now! Wardrobe is available in seven different finishes and therefore perfectly matches all of the now! by hülsta bedroom ranges. + MORE

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Hülsta NOW! Dining: Dining at fabulous tables

Now! Dining makes a big entrance - in your dining room, in your open kitchen/dining area, in your living room. With extensive table tops and inviting free-swinging chairs. With wood, glass and lacquer, providing a comfortably cosy or stunningly elegant look. For meals with family and friends. Perfect to sit down and relax. Everything is possible - everything is tasteful at any time. Dinner is ready, NOW! + MORE

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Hülsta NOW! Coffee tables: Many colours, many sizes

Now! coffee tables far too beautiful to be hidden away under a tablecloth: the now! coffee tables can also store your laptop, make-up and other odds and ends besides your coffee, crisps or the remote control. Solid, down-to-earth or light and graceful – you‘ll find the right model for every taste here.

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Innovation founded in 1971 in Denmark and expanded with an associated company in the USA in 1991, followed up in 1998 with a Chinese office and factory. With a greater production capacity, more collections were made possible. While the One Room Living collection is produced in Denmark, all Istyle designs are produced in the Chinese factory. Mutual inspiration and exchange of experience, not at least internationally, assures a constant evolvement and front position of the company. Innovation is always trying to produce at a good price, but not at any price! As an international company it as our duty to contribute to better working conditions and a cleaner environment for all.







TemaHome counts with more than thirty years of experience in the furniture and lifestyle industry, having points-of-sale spread throughout thirty different countries around the world. It was firstly founded in 1981 as “Norema Portuguesa,” resulting of the junction of two companies: the Norwegian Norema SA and the Portuguese Mendes Godinho SA. Together, their aim was to combine Norway's high technology, with the Portuguese efficiency at reasonable costs for furniture production. Today, TemaHome produces a collection of contemporary furniture and decorative accents, that combine modern lines and award winning designs by some of the most respected Portuguese designers, such as Fernando Brízio and Filipe Alarcão. This attention to the design of each product, results in timeless pieces that can fit into an endless variety of contexts.


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The innovative Catalan brand La Forma is the newest spot in our range. The company has built up a very strong reputation in the furniture and contract business. La Forma is in a major international expansion with the aim to provide a fast and reliable service worldwide, always keeping in mind: design, quality and sustainability. The brand has wide selection of furniture and design products in several styles.


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Tenzo is a privately-owned company situated in the Smålandsstenar region of Sweden. We develop, produce and trade furniture to retailers on a broad international market. 95% of our production is exported to several large shops all over Europe, particularly France, Germany, Switzerland, Benelux and Scandinavia. When it was founded, Tenzo was envisioned as a specialist in wood furniture. For this reason, the company went by the name Träspecialen Möbel AB up until 2007. After a number of years of development, the name “Träspecialen” [Wood Specialists] no longer seemed to reflect the profile of the company. So, in 2007 the company became Tenzo AB. From its beginnings as wood furniture specialists, Tenzo has grown into an international company with specialist expertise in colours and enamels. Despite its growth, the company has kept its base and factory where it all started – in Smålandsstenar. Tenzo was founded in 1934 by a fabricator by the name of David Johansson. It did not take long before he developed a completely new product – Fixbordet. Fixbordet was a very simple, folding wooden table that was both timeless and functional and could be easily moved for use or storage. Fixbordet quickly gained popularity on the market and entered production in simple facilities in Smålandsstenar. This was the start of Tenzo AB. Fixbordet is still a fixture on the market, but is no longer a part of Tenzo's product line. Since 2006, it has been a brand and company owned by Karin Johansson. Today, Tenzo is one of Sweden's largest furniture manufacturers and strives to be at the forefront of trendy design furniture. We want to be the most attractive partner for our customers in the development of new products.


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Zuiver is an innovative Dutch brand for those who love specialty pieces at a reasonable price. The product range is really wide: you can find seaters, dining room furnitures and storage furnitures as well as home accessories like rugs, lamps and decoration. Zuiver design team do not make effort to one style - the collection includes modern, elegant, industrial and colonial pieces which combines perfectly with each other. The company has a large and constantly renewing stock, so they can provide a relatively short delivery time to the customers. Zuiver products are guaranteed to bring colour into your living space.


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Dutchbone is an innovative Dutch brand for those who love specialty pieces at a reasonable price. The product range is really wide: you can find seaters, dining room furnitures and storage furnitures as well as home accessories like rugs, lamps and decoration. The Dutchbone design team do not make effort to one style - the collection includes modern, elegant, industrial and colonial pieces which combines perfectly with each other. The company has a large and constantly renewing stock, so they can provide a relatively short delivery time to the customers. Dutchbone products are guaranteed to bring colour into your living space.


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White Label Living is an innovative Dutch brand for those who love specialty pieces at a reasonable price. The product range is really wide: you can find seaters, dining room furnitures and storage furnitures as well as home accessories like rugs, lamps and decoration. White Label Living design team do not make effort to one style - the collection includes modern, elegant, industrial and colonial pieces which combines perfectly with each other. The company has a large and constantly renewing stock, so they can provide a relatively short delivery time to the customers. White Label Living products are guaranteed to bring colour into your living space.








Kragelund Furniture is an innovative Danish brand which has developped dynamically in the international design furniture market. The designers, Oliver and Lukas WeissKrogh are two ambitious brothers with great passion for furniture design. They founded Studio WeissKrogh in 2012 with focus on industrial design, strategy and adrvertising. Since then, they have designed products for various furniture manufacturers such as Kragelund Furniture, Innovation Living, BOGO and Frandsen Group. Studio WeissKrogh is focused on designing valuable, carefully thought out commercial and environmentally friendly products that will make a difference for the end user.


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Frandsen Lighting A/S has been designing, producing and marketing lamps since 1968. During this time they had extensive knowledge and expertise on the market. They develop and sell scandinavian style design lamps for people who consider taste together with reasonable price. Frandsen design lamps made of beautiful materials, and make sure that the products are signaling quality and taste. They lamps in our selection fit well to our other furniture, creating perfect environment in your room. Frandsen is focusing on design and product development from the classic lamps to the modern LED technology. 


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NORMANN COPENHAGEN as established in 1999 by Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen. Now the company won more than 24 design awards, they have more than 38 product in their colection, and these products are sold in 77 countries. Normann Copenhagen is a way of living - a mindset. They like to think of it as putting on a pair of glasses and seeing the world in a different way. They love to challenge conventional rules. This is why you will find traditional materials put into untraditional use such as a washing up bowl in rubber, a vase made out of silicon and last but not least a dog made of plastic.




Arte-M offers modern furniture and room concepts tailored for the trendy, price-conscious individualist who is aiming at high quality, still doesn't want to pay exorbitant money for this fitments. It iss all about young lifestyle, functional items with straight lines and shapes. Due to their combinability and planning flexibility our furniture offer something for everybody, no matter what type of domestic circumstances you're in - whether you are looking for completely new furnishing or only supplementary pieces that go along perfectly with your existing favourites. Since the founding of Moser in 1897 and its transformation into Arte-M GmbH & Co. KG in the late 1990s Arte-M has been manufacturing its products in Schramberg in Germany's beautiful Black Forrest. Since spring 2008, upholstered furniture is also being produced in Germany.



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Based in Switzerland, Geneva Lab adds simplicity to sophisticated electronic products. Geneva Lab products are said, by a wide variety of experts (industrial design, fashion, and high tech), to be the best balance of performance, simplicity, style and sustainability.

Their first product line, Geneva Sound Systems, revolutionized home audio in 2006 as the first to fuse an iPod dock into a high-end stereo system, using superior finishing materials to enhance the look and patented technologies to enhance compressed music files to project three-dimensional sound from a single all-in-one cabinet. At its debut, WIRED magazine hailed Geneva Sound Systems as “a Steinway,” with the competition sounding like toy pianos. Legendary manufacturers have since followed Geneva Sound System’s approach – but none match its simplicity and sophistication. Geneva Sound Systems are the only tech products so striking they are sold in the world’s leading fashion stores.




The seed of innovation was already present in Fratelli Guzzini from the year of the company’s birth in 1912.  This seed of innovation was made fertile by Enrico Guzzini, a man with an open mind who drew upon his experiences, including those abroad, to set about re-launching an ancient craft - producing elegant ox horn items. With the introduction of moulded acrylics at the beginning of the 1960s, Raimondo Guzzini s contemporary intuition sought to give the company a more open approach to business by importing into the Marche region the creative concepts of some of the best minds in design, starting with Luigi Massoni.  This was followed by the development of the bicolour project in the 1980s, then the leap to gas-assisted injection in the 1990s, to current research on new plastic materials and their infinite potential, usefully combining them with futuristic acrylics or more classical traditional materials, such as porcelain, glass, steel and wood.



Koziol is a brand-name manufacturer of premium quality home and lifestyle products. The original design of each product – and the spirit behind it – makes every koziol item unique. The collection is keyed to aesthetically-oriented, quality-minded people who seek and value products offering both functionality and distinctive design. By developing innovative product ideas that open up brand new business sectors, Koziol plays a pioneering role in today’s market. 100% Made in Germany, 100% recyclable, 100% fair.

magisso-logo.jpgMagisso is a production house for Nordic design and innovations. Our mission is to develop and commercialize unique design products and new innovations that will help the every day life. Our products include the Red Dot awarded Magisso Teacup and Cake Servers and also the Magisso Cutting Board and Magnetic Kitchen Cloth Holders. In the future we will add even more new innovative kitchen products to the Magisso family.

stadler-form-logo.jpg"Making life colorful and enjoy is the goal and endeavour of us all. This also includes designer items of practical use: This is our guiding principle! A lot of household appliances are important and useful occupants of our homes  however, they are often the ugly ducklings of the family.That’s why we came up with the idea to develop attractive and appealing household products. All our products are invented and engineered in Switzerland."

Martin Stadler, CEO Stadler Form


Tivoli Audio was created for one purpose - to bring beautifully designed, simple-to-use, high quality audio products to consumers at a fair price. The company was founded by Tom DeVesto, a highly respected innovator in the audio industry whose decades-long career includes senior management positions at Advent Corporation, Kloss Video and the co-founding of Cambridge SoundWorks. As CEO and head of R & D at his former company, Tom was responsible for the development of some of the best selling and most innovative hifi and multimedia speaker products available. Their products represent a level of sound quality and fit and finish which is unequalled in their price range. Every Tivoli Audio product is manufactured in their own factory, which affords them exceptional quality control.



"Züny" - a simple, genial and creative design of leather-made home accessories, which is made out of the designers' creativity and imagination. Zuny enriches the peoples' life and provides a perfect gateway for releasing annoyances and pressures from work and frustration. Such prospection motivates Zuny to achieve its goal - "Make your life funny and easy". Most of Zuny products are specializing in house decoration area. Zuny puts emphasis on designers and tailors' unique and valuable ideas. Thus, instead of the massive manufacturing way of producing, we confer each of the Zuny products with its own characteristic by pure and humanistic hand-made process. Zuny team insists the quality of the product with extra passion and extra work-done, but to present the best to our customers. "Zuny spirit" is inspired by the nature environment. In view of the declining scarce natural resources, Zuny 'partner' triggers us the mission to remind everyone of us how precious and valuable our planet is with.