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Delivery of the "A" category products (items on stock):


These items will be delivered by DPD courier in Hungary, you can see the delivery cost in your basket before the ordering. InnoShop will cover the delivery cost for orders above 50.000.- HUF. DPD delivers on working days, at working hours  (8AM-5PM). Above 50 kg parcels DPD do not deliver, only according to an individual offer.


During the handover you have to check the parcel piece by piece, in case of perfect delivery you have the sign the receipt of the handover. After this protocol we could not acceppt any claim concerning wrong delivery. There is possible to fix a delivery time with DPD, what you need to sign at the "note". If the handover will not be successful during delivery, the courier will leave a note about it and try to succeed it two more times.


Delivery to abroad (outside of Hungary) payment only by wire:

1. zone:  Austria, Slovkia 

2. zone:  Germany

3. zone:  Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Romania, Switzerland*

4. zone:  England, Denmark, Bulgaria, France, Poland, Slovenia

5. zone:  Estonia, Croatia*, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Sweden

6. zone:  Finland, Norway*, Greece**, Portugal

7. zone:  Bosnia-Herzegovina*, Ireland, Serbia-Montenegro*, Turkey*, Tunisia*

* marked countries: delivery time can be increased with the clerance time 
** in the case of Greece to the Island of Crete there is 3, 6 € extra charge, to the other islands the extra charge is:  11 €


Zone     0,1 – 3 kg 3,1 – 5 kg 5,1 – 10 kg 10,1- 15 kg 15,1 – 20 kg 20,1 – 25 kg 25,1 – 31,5 kg
1. 3200 3200 3500 3500 3800 4200 4500
2. 3800 4000 4200 4300 4400 4500 5000
3. 4000 4200 4400 4600 4800 5000 4400
4. 4800 5000 5200 5400 5700 6300 6800
5. 6000 6300 6500 6800 7200 7600 8000
6. 7500 7900 8300 8800 9200 9600 10000
7. 11600 12000 12500 13000 13500 14000 14500



Services: Fees:
Customs clearance of export / line item 1 +3 9000,-FT
Export clearance additional line items / line items 700, -Ft
Other document issued / ATR, EUR1, Cult. Declaration and Heritage / document 4 500, -FT
Subsequent procedures (document changing or deletion of document) / document 6 000, -FT


Country: Normal import clearance:
Bosnia: 35 €
Croatia:    30 €
*Norway: 25 €
Switzerland: 25 €
*Serbia: 35 €
Turkey: 20 €
Tunisia: 20 €



Delivery of "B" category products (items produced according to customer's request - furnitures):


Product's prices at the webshop include 27% VAT, but not include the delivery fee. When you take place an order you can choose between home delivery and personal handover, in this case there is no delivery fee of course.


We inform you by phone and e-mail as well when we receive your ordered goods. If you ask home delivery, you have to assure to receive the goods within 5 working days, which you need to transfer the final invoice you get at our message. Organization of the home delivery begins after receiving your payments, we are carrying your goods within 3 days from this time.


You have to check the numbers and quality of packages you get and sign the receipt of the handover. You can modify the delivery address before the concrete delivery, but in this case you have to pay the difference of the delivery fees came from the different addresses.


We can define the day of the delivery in advance, the exact time we could not. Our colleague will contact you as soon as he knows the exact time of arrival. If you miss the negotiated appointment you have to cover the losses came from the wrong delivery.



Personal handover:


In case of personal handover you have to receive the goods within 5 days getting our message of good's arrival. After 5 days we have to count 10.000 HUF/week day for the storage. You can receive your goods on working days, in working hours, after personal negotiation. On weekends we can manage the handover only incidental cases.


Fees of delivery:


You can see the fee of the delivery before you put the product to the basket. Placing your postal code you can check the delivery fee for 1 peace of the relevant product, this amount will be valid if you take the product to the basket.


The delivery fee contain only delivery cost TO the address but do not contain to take the furniture into the flat. For this case you can get more information after personal conciliation (number of the floors, have an elevator or not, need to carry through garage, etc.)


Delivery fees:

In Budapest:    
I delivery zone (I, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, XI, XII district):   10.000.- + VAT
II delivery zone (all other district):    12.000.- + VAT


Settlements of Pest county: 


15.000.- + VAT

 From 2300 postal code to 9999 postal code  18.000-36.000.- + VAT


InnoShop covers the delivery cost for purchase orders above 250.000.- HUF in Budapest.

InnoShop covers the delivery cost for purchase orders above 650.000.- HUF in the Countryside.




We can organize the assembly of the furniture if you need it, our skilful colleagues help you to manage it. Important to know that we do not take responsibility mistakes coused by the wrong assembly, therefore we recommend to order professional assembly for the difficult types of furniture.


Assembly fee:                                                                     1.500 HUF + VAT/person/hour


The assembly fee calculated according to the actual working hours posteriorly, paid to our colleague on site. Please sign us your request for assembly in advance, till getting your products.


Furniture delivery abroad is possible under 30 kg (60x60x60 cm).