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The Customer has the opportunity to pick up the ordered product(s) in the Company's showroom or, depending on the weight and size, in the warehouse at the same address as the showroom, for a prior bank transfer or on-site cash payment.

The Company will also notify the Customer by e-mail (sometimes by phone) about the preparation and possibility of collecting the products. The processing time is usually 1-2 working days after the arrival of the goods in the Hungarian warehouse and / or 1-2 working days from the validation of the order in case of products in stock.

In case of personal collection, a prior appointment is required in all cases.

  • Warehouse: 1033 Budapest, Bogdáni út 1.
  • It is possible to pick up smaller items in the Innoshop showroom: 1095 Budapest, Boráros tér 7. Duna Ház, 1st floor
  • Collecting goods only by appointment: +36 70 369 26 10 | during opening hours





The smaller products are delivered by the DPD courier service in Hungary:

  • the delivery fee is HUF 3.500 Ft / package

The DPD courier service delivers its packages in all cities and towns in Hungary from Monday to Friday, during working hours, usually the day after the pick-up. For carpets up to 2 x 3 m, DPD courier service delivers according to the specified fees.

Over 50 kgs, the courier service does not deliver, in which case the Company will provide an individual delivery price. If you purchase more than one product, the courier service fee or even the method of delivery may change if it does not fit into the transportable package parameters specified by DPD. The Customer will be informed about this upon confirmation of the order.

Products are usually shipped the next business day after the pickup at the Company’s warehouse. Dispatch will take place within 1-3 working days of receipt of the goods / payment of the arrears.

DPD will attempt to deliver the product(s) to the Customer twice. If the first delivery attempt is unsuccessful, DPD will retry the next day. If the second delivery attempt also fails, DPD will return the package to the Company’s warehouse.

When receiving the goods, please always check the integrity of the package (in the presence of the courier!). If the package was damaged in transit, a damage assessment form needs to be included in the parcel. In this case, or if the package is damaged and there is no report, please contact the DPD courier service to file a complaint. The Company cannot take any responsibility for any damage that may occur during delivery by a courier service. However, in case of any problems or questions, please call our customer service and we will try to help.

Despite our / manufacturer's careful packaging, your product(s) may be damaged during delivery. We can only assert our claim for damages to the courier company if we notify them within 48 hours of the delivery. Therefore, we ask that you check the contents of your package item by item within 48 hours of receiving them, as we can accept a report of possible damage so far.

If a product or any part of it is damaged upon receipt, please notify our Company within 3 working days at the indicated contact details. After 3 working days of receiving the goods, we will not be able to accept a warranty claim for product damage.

If the Customer gives an incorrect delivery address in the order or is not present at the delivery location at the indicated time frame and thus delivery is impossible, the Company shall not be liable for non-performance. In this case, the Company will notify the Customer of this fact by e-mail within 5 working days and will ask him to provide the correct delivery address. If the Customer provides the correct address and requests re-delivery, this is possible if the following conditions are met: (a) in case of a previous bank transfer, the Customer transfers the cost of re-delivery at the same time as the reply letter, (b) in case of a previous cash on delivery, the Customer pays the purchase price and the double delivery fee (1x cash on delivery fee + 1x transfer delivery fee) by bank transfer at the same time as the reply letter instead of cash on delivery. The purchased product will be handed over to the carrier within 5 working days from the payment of the above amounts (the fee for the second delivery, or the purchase price and the fee for the double delivery).

If the Customer (a) does not respond to the Company's request within 5 working days, or (b) does not request re-delivery, or (c) does not pay the required amount within the above deadline, immediately after deduction of shipping costs, but no later than 30 days from the return of the package, we will refund the part of the purchase price already paid, reduced by a penalty, to the Customer. In this case, the Company has no further performance or payment obligations to the Customer.


Orders placed in our webshop are only fulfilled within the EU and typically only products that can be delivered by DPD courier service can be ordered abroad.



Delivery time

(working days)

Delivery fee

(incl. VAT)


Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia

1-3 days

EUR 16 / HUF 5.800


Germany, Czech Republik, Poland, Romania

2-4 days

EUR 21 / HUF 7.700


Belgium, the Netherlands, Lithuania

3-6 days

EUR 21 / HUF 7.700


Denmark, France, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Italy, Luxembourg , Ireland

3-6 days

EUR 29 / HUF 10.600


Spain, Finnland, Greece*, Portugal

4-7 days

EUR 44 / HUF 16.100

* Please not that there is an extra charge delivering your items to Crete (5 EUR) and to other Greek islands (EUR 13)




Large products are delivered in Hungary by a contracted furniture transporter. This service is performed by prior appointment at a time convenient to the Customer. Home delivery charges vary by zone.

·          ZONE 1: Budapest – 18.900 Ft + VAT (24.000 Ft incl. VAT)

·          ZONE 2:  Pest County – 22.900 Ft + VAT (29.000 Ft incl. VAT)

·          ZONE 3: zip codes between 2300 and 9999 – from 24.800 Ft + VAT to 52.600 Ft + VAT (the exact fee can be seen in the cart after the zip code is provided)


The completeness of the goods (package number) and the integrity of the packaging must be certified upon delivery and / or if any defects or damage are found, it must be recorded on the receipt. The Customer may change the delivery address afterwards, even before delivery, in which case he must pay the difference in the delivery fee resulting from the change of address.

The Company cannot determine the exact time of delivery within a day in advance. Our staff will notify the Customer of the expected time of arrival as soon as possible before arrival. If the Customer does not stay at the given delivery address despite the mutually agreed delivery date, or the place of delivery is not suitable for the delivery of the furniture (for example, a construction site that is not safely accessible), the Customer is obliged to reimburse the resulting loss.

If a product or any part of it is damaged, please notify our Company within 3 working days at the indicated contact details ( After 3 business days of receipt, we will not be able to accept a product damage report.


We typically only deliver products that can be delivered abroad - within the EU - by DPD courier service, so before placing your order, please make sure that the product can be delivered to the chosen country or contact us at our contact details so that we can send you a unique offer.



If the Customer so requests, the Company will also assemble the ordered and delivered furniture. The Company cannot be held liable for damages resulting from improper assembly by the Customer, therefore we recommend ordering professional assembly for furniture that is more difficult to assemble.

-           Installation fee: 10.000 Ft + VAT / hour (for every half hour started 6.000 Ft + VAT)

The installation fee is typically based on a preliminary estimate, and usually paid together with the arrears. Please notify us of your installation request before the arrival of the goods. In the case of larger projects, the Company may deviate from this tariff, set a daily fee or other hourly fee, which includes not only installation services, but also, if necessary, a project management fee.


In case of furniture assembly service, the Customer is obliged to provide a work area suitable for assembling furniture:

-           clean, dust-free environment

-           lighting (corresponding to daylight)

-           the size of the work area should be suitable for assembling larger furniture

-           work environment free from other "professions" (representatives of other professions may not work in the room in parallel, hindering assembly work)

-           even, smooth, horizontal / vertical wall and floor surface depending on the installed furniture.

If the work area does not prove to be suitable for assembling furniture at the time of the agreed disembarkation and this is revealed on the spot, the resulting additional costs shall be paid by the Customer to the Company.


The installation fee is an ordinary tariff, in case of a need to work beyond weekends and working hours (8-18h), the fee is the basic fee + 30% surcharge.


The Company leaves the assembled furniture on site without covering, ready for use. Protecting the furniture on site from damage after delivery (eg due to further construction work) is not the task and responsibility of the Company, the Customer is obliged to take care of it. The Company accepts no liability for any damage resulting from such injuries and no warranty claim can be made.